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Susan-Before-PhotoSusan-After-PhotoSusan decided it was time to improve her health and change her life.  As you can see she did it!  No surgery, no pills, just worked weekly with a personal trainer at Function Fitness learning how to eat healthy, strength train, cardio and held accountable while learning life style changes. Most important is that Susan has maintained her weight loss of 130 pounds for 2 years!  Susan is proof that it’s never too late to start….





Margaret-before Margaret-After2Check out the transformation with one of our Biggest Loser winners!  Margaret learned so much about nutrition and how to exercise properly while working with her trainer at Functional Fitness and it shows.

Most important is that she has maintained her weight loss. We are so proud of her and the changes she has made with her fitness and health!




Lori and Tammy

Lori-and-Tammy-Before-Photo Lori-and-Tammy-After-PhotoThese two friends have changed their lifestyles in a BIG way!  Lori and Tammy have been training at Functional Fitness and you can see the amazing difference from their two family vacation pictures.

They have lost 65 and 75 pounds!  Not to mention that they now run half marathons!  Way to go ladies!  Strong and healthy……mentally and physically.



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